Our story told in a few sentences

Hello, Friend!

We are grateful for the opportunity you give us to tell the story of FRAPPECHINO ICED COFFEE. Everything began with a dream for a change. This happened a long time ago in 2010 – a year full of challenges for the business. Our faith in the new opportunities that had emerged for the young entrepreneurs in Bulgaria helped us to start. We set off to a new begining based entirely and only on thrust, earnest and enthusiasm. Our team believed that success doesn’t measure only with the results but rather is a way of thinking. The lessons we were tought along the way helped us to turn the idea we had into our reality.

We managed to lay the foundation of a product that later became a symbol for the free spirit and the change. FRAPPECHINO ICED COFFEE took over the market because of the feeling and the emotion that were given to  our customers. In the process of growing our product and the service we provide we sought for the unconvenient circumstances that we turned into opportunities. FPRAPPECHINO ICED COFFEE family is entirely made of visioners who desire to make the world a better place.

Our product, service and team are in a process of constant developement. We thank everyone that gives us the opportunity to tell our story with FRAPPECHINO ICED COFFEE. All our friends, clients and partners are a part of something bigger. While helping us develope you say ‘YES’ to a change for the better and ‘YES’ to your faith in inner motivation of every silngle one of us and you! Dream and make your dreams come true!

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